Music Therapy

The Music Therapy Section

The music therapy centre is conducted by Mr Pradeep Chitnis, Sangeet Alankar {Vocal}. He has done PG Diploma in music therapy from Chennai School of Music Therapy and done an internship at Mahatma Gandhi Hospital and Research Centre, Pondicherry. In this hospital, he conducted music therapy sessions mainly for heart patients before and after heart surgery in the ICU wards and got remarkable results. He has written a thesis ‘Music Therapy for Heart Diseases’. He also with music therapy sessions in the endoscopy, dialysis, surgery and palliative care wards. He has also completed the certificates course in music therapy from Sur Sanjeevan, Mumbai, an Online basic and advanced course organised by Netbhet. Besides music therapy, he has also completed a Teachers Diploma course in Yoga, Certificate courses in Naturopathy, Yoga and Acupressure in Mumbai. He is conducting music therapy sessions in Akruti, Dombivali and Thane, Dr Manik Kale’s Laparoscopy Centre for Infertility and giving Garbhasanskar for the last 3 years. Also giving personal sessions for cancer, insomnia, depression etc. At present doing advanced research on the Spiritual level at Spiritual Scientific Research Foundation, Goa.

What Is
Music Therapy

Music Therapy is an alternative supportive therapy to the main stream of treatment like Allopathy, Ayurveda and Homoeopathy. When we listen music or sing or play an instrument the various useful harmones such as dopamine, endorphins etc and heal our body and mind. There are innumerable advantages of music therapy such as relief from pain, increase concentration, increase immunity etc.Paricularly psychosomatic disorders such as diabetes, hypertension, insomnia, contol on anger are benefitted with no side effects. Various techniques are used in music therapy as per the requirement of the patient. Music therapy heals us physically, mentally as well as spiritually by making impact on suttle level on our chakras, nadis and Aura.It is proved scientifically by research.

How music Therapy Works

The music therapy sessions are conducted in groups as well as on a personal level as per the requirements of the patients and prior appointments. If the patient is not in a position to visit the centre, home visits are also arranged. The Music Therapy sessions are conducted for the following problems and disorders.

Mental Stress & Depression


Control Of Anger

Insomnia {निद्रानाश}



Heart Diseases

Any sort of pain


Headache & Migraine





Menstrual Disorders

We also conduct sessions for Garbhasanskar The patients are given live music therapy sessions and are provided with audio recordings which they have to listen to at the particular prescribed time of the day. The charges for the sessions are very nominal as music therapy is a kind of social service and above all the Service to The Almighty
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